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Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers is the story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war.

Acclaimed director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed, and Uncovered) takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of corporate greed in the reconstruction of Iraq. Iraq for Sale uncovers the connections between private security companies making a killing in Iraq and the decision makers who allow them to do so.

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Tags: documentary, iraq, war, robert greenwald, war profiteering, abu ghraib, halliburton, kbr, titan, caci, blackwater

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Robert Greenwald

Sarah Feeley

Jim Gilliam

Devin Smith

Kerry Candaele
Story Producer

Abbie Hurewitz
Story Producer

Amanda Spain
Story Producer

Nick Higgins
Director of Photography

lisa remington
Line Producer, Post Supervisor

Tracy Fleischman

Paris Marron
Production Coordinator

Jesse Haff
Website Producer

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